Automatic Circular Friction Saw Sharpening Machine for Large Blades upto 1000mm

SharpEdge Exceed is a very Easy to use Friction Saw Blades Resharpening Machine for Large Dia Blades up to 1000mm. It is a very simple and easy-to-operate machine with Rapid & Easy Controls.It is also capable of Two types of Tooth profile Generation and can Grind Segmental as well as Solid Blades.



Automatic Circular Friction Saw Sharpening Machine Upto 650mm Diameter.

​Main Features

  • Tooth depth & pitch can be rapidly adjusted with operator friendly controls to achieve extremely accurate tooth forms.

  • All gears, levers, cams move on bearings and are enclosed in oil bath giving longer life to
    the machine.

  • Tungsten carbide tipped pusher for longer life and accurate indexing.

  • Special Automated function for up and down Movement Adjustment of Blade

  • Suitable for new tooth forming and broken tooth sharpening.