Alloy Cutting Solutions


Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Alloy Cutting Machine

A high speed sawing machine for Aluminum and Brass Pipes, solids and sections. Clamping is pneumatic and with different types of clamps are available. A tungsten carbide tipped blade moves on LM guides and blocks powered with Hydro check cylinder with double regulation. Comes with Manual and Auto feed mechanism.


High Production Cutting Machine for Solid Bars, Extrusion Profiles, pipes and Tubes made of Alloys like Aluminium, Brass and Copper.

​Main Features

  • Automatic Clamping (Pneumatic)
  • Automatic Cutting (Pneumatic)
  • Semi/Fully Automatic Feed
  • Manual Cycle Feed

Cutting Capacity

  • Round Pipe up to Ø110mm
  • Section up to 110mm x 80mm
  • Square Pipe up to 110mm 

Pipe Cutting Solutions