Fully Automatic Hydraulic Pipe Cutting Machine

King Cobra Model-1000 HFA is a Fully Automatic Pipe Cutting  Machine for higher thickness of Pipes, Tubes and Sections. It has the ability to cut multiple tubes with combined total clamping capacity of 100mm.
Our patented Heavy duty backlash free Gearbox moves on alloy steel hardened and ground wide faced slide driven by Hydraulic cylinder. The tube clamping is also hydraulic. The cutting RPMs are infinitely variable to accommodate various saw blade diameters and different diameters of the tubes and the sections to be cut.


High Production Hydraulic Pipe Cutting Machine

​Main Features

  • Automatic Feed
  • Automatic Clamping (Hydraulic)
  • Automatic Cutting (Hydraulic)
  • PLC Control

Cutting Capacity

  • Round Pipe up to Ø110mm
  • Section up to 110mm x 80mm
  • Square Pipe up to 110mm