Burrmaster RB-70

Fully Automatic Roller Brush Pipe Deburring Machine

Automatic Roller Brush Deburring Machine for Tubes, Bars & Profiles. It employs two parallel running Wire Roller Brushes rotating at high speed. One is mounted on a fixed head the other is  mounted on a Trolley moving on guide ways to accommodate variable lengths. Tubes are automatically conveyed between them. The burr is simultaneously removed from both ends. In case of tubular section the inside & outside peripheries are processed at the same time. In case of square, rectangular and non-circular sections special guide rails are employed. To achieve optimum results the height of the brushes may be varied in relation to that of the component.



Main Features

  • High Production Deburring Machine.

  • Deburrs upto 60,000 Pcs/8 Hrs.

  • Very Easy to Operate.

  • Can Handle All Shapes and Profiles.

  • Robust Design.

Deburring Capacity

  • Round Pipe upto Ø75mm

  • Section upto 75mm x 100mm

  • Square Pipe upto 75mm x 75mm

  • Piece Length 150mm-2000mm.